A Possible Giveaway, Its Ok Thursdays & Eff Marry Kill!

Hi Ladies! 
You are in for some fun today...a double link up!
I couldn't resist participating in 2 fun posts so that's what we'll be doing!

Also, can you believe I'm getting close to 100 followers? Wow - can't believe I might hit that milestone after blogging for 3 1/2 months. You guys are AWESOME! The wheels are turning in my head right now for some kind of spectacular giveaway...so stay tuned!!!

Without further adieu....Today's post!

Its Ok Thursdays

So Its Ok...
That I CANNOT WAIT until Saturday because its wedding cake tasting day!

That I haven't made my bed in about a month

That I almost broke my ankle walking down 4 flights of stairs at work in 4 inch heels on Monday and I've proceeded to wear the same shoes every day since then...AND climb the stairs!

That we bought our wedding bands during the "Valentine's Day Sale" at the jewelry store just so we could save 20%.

That it NEVER fails...I always spell the word "jewelry" wrong and spell check has to fix it

That I have a hard time giving up control with any of my wedding planning and want to do it all myself

That I would kill someone for a bag of reeces pieces right now (or sour patch kids, or junior mints, or m&ms...ok let's be honest I would kill for any candy)

Now onto Eff, Marry, Kill 
w/ Blonde...Undercover Blonde
The Vintage Apple


Today I present you with....The Men of 90210 (The original)

Let's be honest...I'm not even going to give Steve Sanders a shot here...

I'm not gonna lie. Originally I was positive how this was gonna turn out. Then I got to thinking about these guys and their characters in the show and I changed my mind. So if we are basing this off of their characters its gonna go a little something like this...

Eff - Dylan McKay - He was the loner...the bad boy...the one who was into drugs but made it look cool. I used to WISH I was Shannen Doherty back in the day (thank gosh that wish didn't come true...Am I right?) He's not the guy you wanna see every day for the rest of your life though cuz he's kind of sketchy. Dylan gets the eff, but I'm making sure he's out of my house quickly after. I don't want him stealing anything from my purse while I'm asleep.

Marry - Brandon Walsh - Brandon was the glue that held the whole gang together right? He was the nice guy who always seemed too mature for high school (probably cuz he was almost 30 when he played a sophomore). I have to marry Brandon. As long as his gambling addiction doesn't resurface. I can't afford that. I can just picture us now, holding hands and drinking a milkshake at the Peach Pit...til death do us part:)

Kill - David Silver - In reality this guy is good enough for Megan Fox but in 90210 world he was a whiny wannabe. He was accepted by the "cool kids" only by default and was always trying to push his music on everyone.  He annoyed me on the show. He owned an abundance of vests and rocked some pretty questionable jewelry in the early seasons. For that and that alone he's getting the kill.

Have at it, ladies!! How do these guys measure up in your opinion?


  1. I TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY agree with your picks for Eff Marry Kill 100%!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved me some Dylan McKay and Brandon Walsh!!!!!

    Thanks for playing along!!!!

  2. Oh now that's a no brainer!

    Eff Dylan. You don't marry the bad boy.

    Marry Brandon. You marry the boy nextdoor.

    Kill David. He's was annoying!

  3. WOOOHOOOO almost 100 followers! I'm almost there too yay!!!

    OHEMGOSH SO JELLY you get to taste wedding cake....YUM-O!

    I wasn't allowed to watch 90210 but I liked the geeky guy ;)!


  4. I TOTALLY always spell jewelry wrong...or have to sit here and type it out, slowly, letter by letter to make sure it's right. You're not alone!! :)
    Love the Eff Marry Kill analysis! :)

  5. First of all...this might be the greatest eff, marry, kill EVER. Second I totally agree. Though I find him super hott...so maybe I'd marry Dylan, Eff David and Kill Brandon who always seemed to be getting screwed over...

  6. LOVE this list and your choices!!

  7. That reminds me I have to make my bed , lol I'm supposed to be doing that every day as a goal! Wow that's pretty awesome your up to 100 followers in only three months, it took me about 5ish! So obviously your a great blogger ((: <3

  8. Wedding cake tasting is SO fun! I wish I could do it again! haha

  9. nice "emk" choices. i definitely agree with you :)

    happy thursday!

  10. YES! A throw-back! Nicely done! I agree with all of your choices, too! Hot daymn, Dylan!

  11. Totally with you on "emk" choices! I was debating to do this with the guys from 'Saved by the bell' ;) I spell jewlry wrong on the time too! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! haha

  12. I spell jewelry wrong every time too hahah. I love how you just not included Steve Sanders ahahaha, so true though.

  13. I love your choices for eff...marry...kill! I agree!!

  14. lol love both of these! Now that you mention it, I think I would kill someone for a bit of candy right now! :) And definitely agree with your eff marry kill choices!
    Happy Thursday!!

  15. girl its totally okay you don't want to give up any control in your weding planning-- its YOUR big day!!!!

  16. Congrats on 100 followers!!! Hope I get there as fast as you did! I am so not a bed maker either. Have fun at wedding cake tasting!

    Bennett Love

  17. Aw congrats on almost getting 100!! so happy for ya!

  18. You are so gorgeous. Love your style and blog so much. Please follow my blog...

    ♥Love from Antalya♥


  19. I would also leave Steve out... Even though Brandon was the biggest slut on that show I would agree with you... :)

    Yay for almost having 100 followers :) I can say I knew you when...

  20. great choices! I'd totally Eff Dylan-he was my fave lol

    Have fun at your cake tasting-yum!

  21. Hi! thanks so much for following- I followed back!! Make sure to check out my new post.. it contains a freebie! :)

    Have a Lovely day and best wishes from,

    Be Classic, Stay Glam.

  22. blogging sure is! Thanks! :) Have a good one.

  23. i only make my bed when guests are coming...so they don't think i am a slob...but other than that - it never gets made :) congrats on being so close to 100!

  24. Keep rocking those heels! Have some cake for me! Have fun!


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