Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Hi Friends! Are we all happy today is hump day?? I sure am! 

First things first....M has been away for work and read yesterday's post while he was at his hotel last night. There is hope on the horizon! He has confirmed via text message that he will GLADLY give me a new list of his celebrity crushes if I really want them. (Crossing my fingers for some nice wholesome Carrie Underwood types!) 

I must have been pretty tired last night because I decided to record (not watch) the Michael Jackson Glee episode AND I fell asleep half way through Dance Moms! What is the matter with me?? I guess I have a date with my DVR tonight! I need to see how the "bully-themed" dance number turned out for the Abby Lee Dance Company!

Now its time to link up with Michelle from the Vintage Apple to show you pretty ladies my favorite pins from this week...


Source: imgfave.com via Shannon on Pinterest


  1. Great dirty dancing quote, and pretty pictures from weddings :)

  2. love that wine cork K-thats great I should do that! cute pins and have a great rest of the week!

  3. My first pinterest entry with you gals - YAY!

    love the romantic candles!

  4. I love the ring and candle pins. Well, all of the wedding pins! I like the marathon pin too. I could never run a marathon, my bf on the other hand is running his second this summer. Yuck! Haha.

  5. haha I just want to squeeze that little pink bunny baby! lol

  6. I am so happy you like dance moms too I thought I was the only one!! love me some abby lee miller! this season looks like its going to be amazing! chloe is my favorite :)

  7. Beautiful wedding pictures!
    and of course LOVE the dirty dancing quote. Favorite movie ever!

  8. The baby bunny thing is funny! I have date night with my dvr all the time!!

  9. haha love the baby bunny! That is so cute! I haven't watched dance moms but heard it is hilarious!

    Bennett Love

  10. Omg I freaking love dance moms! So much DRAMA! Lol. I don't think I've seen any of the new season, I need to catch up!

    That candle photo is gorgeous!

  11. Loving all your wedding pins! Especially loving the pew decorations and all the candles! I find the most amazing wedding planning ideas on Pinterest - loves it! Also a bride to be - I host a wedding planning link-up on Tuesdays on my blog if you'd ever like to join in.

    Found your blog today and following now. xo

    Life with Elizabeth


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