My Weekend Via Instagram

Happy Monday! 

I am going to begin and end my Super Bowl talk by by saying 1 thing and 1 thing only....I won $250 on Super Bowl Squares!!!! That is the one and only good thing that came out of that game.  (it certainly wasn't Madonna

Moving on....

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was fantastic! It looked a little something like this...

Friday night Mike and I hit up CasaBlanca Mexican for some chips and salsa, tostadas and GIANT margaritas.  If you have been reading my blog for a while now you may have noticed a pattern...we LOVE some good Mexican food! I was a good girl and didn't have sugar all week....until I took a sip of this bad boy!!! I could hear Angels start to sing as soon as it hit my lips...

After we rolled out of the Mexican joint we jumped on the train and went into Boston for the Celtics/Knicks game! The boys in green ended up winning by 2 in a nail-biting 4th quarter...it was FANTASTIC...

Saturday morning I got my baby fix! M and I babysat for my nephew Caleb while Britt and her husband danced the night away at an out of town wedding...

My parents also got home from their Caribbean vacation Saturday night! They brought us all back some fantastic goodies including this GORGEOUS charm bracelet they got for me in the Cayman Islands...

We all know how my Sunday ended....but it started out pretty great! I whipped up some french toast in the A.M. then M and I went to the mall, picked out AND bought our wedding rings (yay for bling) and we finished up our wedding registry at Macys!

It feels GREAT to get 2 things crossed of our ENORMOUS wedding to-do list! 

How was YOUR weekend??


  1. What a precious nephew!!!!

    Glad you got some things off the wedding to-do list! I know how great that feels :)

  2. Love me some Mexican food, that margarita looks amazing!! Way to go with no sugar for a week. I just can't do it! Can I say I WANT your bracelet? It is gorgeous! I have small wrists too.


  3. Great discipline on no sugar all week! I can't imagine doing that. Your nephew is adorable. Looks like a fun weekend!!!

    Bennett Love

  4. nothing is better than a marg after a week of work. wait, nothing is better than a marg ANY day. lol. looks like you had a great weekend!!

  5. What a cutie for a nephew! My sister in law is excpecting any day now (a boy) I can't believe you won all the $! Woo hoo! Anything in particular you want to spend it on? The margarita looks yummy! Sounds like you had a great weekend Shannon! (You know Courtney is freaking happy! lol) xoxo

  6. your margarita looks amazing :)

  7. hey gorgeous! did you get my email?
    i am sending out your card tomorrow <3

    if you did email me back so i make sure you
    got all the information you need! thank you



  8. Ooo! Jealous of the moolah you won! :)

    Those margaritas look DELISH.

    Your nephew is the cutest thing ever.

  9. congrats lady on picking up your wedding rings, and winning $250!!! ahhhh that game was just ridiculous haha. i had a little gathering at my apartment and then watched the last half at the Boston bar out here. it was cool to be around so many diehard Patriots fans on the west coast!

  10. My wrists are freakishly small too!! I hate it, some of the cutest bracelets don't fit! : (


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