Kettlebell Fear and Its Ok Thursdays!

YAY! It's Thursday! 

I love Thursdays! Thursday means only 1 more "wake up" until the weekend. It means Jersey Shore, Project Runway All Stars and making plans for Saturday and Sunday - I love it!

Tonight my sister and I are starting our 6 week Kettleworx program. We chose Thursday as our cardio nights......After watching this video I'm curious to see if I still love Thursdays come this time next week....

Has anyone ever tried Kettlebell work outs before? Do you get results? We are starting with 5 pounders so I'm sure I will be able to handle it - but I'm still scared. If you don't see a post from me tomorrow you can send for help. I've probably definitely somehow knocked myself out with my kettlebell. 

I don't think I have enough coordination for this! (insert scared face)

Moving on to one of my FAVORITE link ups...Its Ok Thursdays!

Its Ok Thursdays

So Its Ok...

That I am terrified of knocking myself out with a 5 lb kettlebell

That the tank top I'm wearing underneath my shirt is the same tank I wore yesterday....and to bed last night

That I'm wearing open-toed shoes with a disgusting, chipped pedicure

That I loved the foundation from my bridal makeup trial so much that I ordered it for everyday wear and its $40 (I hope M isn't reading this)

That I used a new hydrating shampoo/conditioner this morning and I can't stop petting my head to feel how soft it made my hair

That I realized I was giving up weekday drinking for Lent AFTER I finished 2 glasses of Moscato last night (don't worry - I switched to giving up chips and salsa....this will be MUCH more challenging)

That I am addicted to Craisins (I don't remember which of you suggested I eat them as a healthy snack - but congratulations....you got me hooked!)

That my Uncle and I exchanged e-mails about how we are planning to paint ourselves to look like "Capitol People" when we go to see the Hunger Games in the theaters

That I'm seriously hoping my Uncle is joking (please see previous line)

That the last 4 charges on my credit card statement are from bars in Boston

What's OK with YOU today??


  1. just came across your blog and its SO adorable :) love the post and hey dont worry about that charge card for the bars in boston ;) it happens to all of us right ha. def a new follower here!

  2. I think I was the one who got you hooked on the Craisins....you're welcome! :)

    I laughed thinking about you petting your head at work lol

  3. I would love to see people dressed up as Capitol People! That would be so fun, but yeah, I wouldn't want to do it myself.

    1. Wouldn't that be fun? Haha I dunno - he MAY convince me to do it. Depends on how much wine I drink before the movie:)

  4. I can't wait to hear about the kettle ball experience! I love the line about the tank top, its so me. Yesterday I had wore the same tank that I wore on Tuesday :)

  5. oooh, good luck with the kettlebell! my trainer used to have me use one and it was definitely a workout!

    what kind of foundation did you get?

  6. Hey girl! The foundation is from a line called gloprofessional - its a satin finish liquid foundation...AMAZING:)

  7. I did Kettleworx and it led to an obsession with other Kettlebell workouts. I bought some bigger bells, and I have a Paul Katami workout, which is GREAT, and one of the Bob Harper ones, which I always love. They are addictive. Have fun!

  8. Haha! I am guilty of that whole wearing-the-same-tank-top to bed and then wearing it the next day thing, too! It's definitely okay. :)

    I am hosting my first giveaway today!!


  9. oh god $40 dollar for foundation
    it better be worth it :) lol

    which shampoo/condition do you use hun?

    MELINA ♥

  10. oh I love when i try a new shampoo and it makes my hair super soft :)

  11. I love KB's. I have 2 dvds. And did a 10,000 swing challenge 2 summers in a row. But I am always scared of hitting myself with it too or letting go. That would be very bad. Good luck!!

  12. goodluck with the new workout... looks awesome :) let us know how you like it!!

  13. looks like a good workout though!

    funny that you remembere your Lent objective while you were still doing it, sounds like something i would do.

    happy thursday!

  14. I not only bought the foundation from my wedding makeup trial, but the primer, powder, mascara and eyeliner as well! That day broke my bank. LOL!

    And if you dress up as a Capitol person, PRETTY PLEASE post pictures! :)

  15. bahaha i too wear a tank that i wore to bed the next day sometimes. oopss!

  16. I hope craisins arent fattening because now I want to try them! What kind of foundation did you get?

  17. I love crasins! I also have one toenailpainted right now. It's gross, I really need to paint them or go in for a pedi!


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