Groundhogs and Its Ok Thursdays!

Happy Groundhog Day, Everyone! 

So that little rodent saw his shadow this morning. Does this really even mean anything? When I was a little kid in elementary school I used to look forward to Groundhog Day and now I'm wondering why!? I used to think it was so cool that a groundhog could predict the seasons/weather (yes I was obviously a very intelligent kid). 

Now I think the whole thing is such a bunch of crap!! I'm sure Punxsutawney Phil is laughing his head off right now at all of us because he has the easiest job in the world. He has to wake up early one morning all year and he's this huge overnight celebrity. And on top of it all - he doesn't even do his job right half the time! Oh well...I guess this means we have 6 more weeks to wear our knee-high boots, fashionable scarves and sweaters, ladies!!

Now its time for "Its Ok Thursdays" with A Complete Waste of Makeup!

Its Ok Thursdays

So Its Okay...

That I completely resent Punxsutawney Phil and everything he stands for.

That I decided to give up sugar (well as much as possible) on Monday and I’m fearful of turning into some kind of monster from my withdrawals!!

That I wish it was time to pack away my winter clothes and bust out the tank tops and flip flops. (once again...screw you Phil!!)

That I have tried calling in to win contests on the radio more times this week than I can even count...and I have nothing to show for it:(

That I’m looking forward to a nice juicy steak on Valentine’s day more so than a nice sentimental card from my man.

That I can’t bring myself to click the “skip this month” button on my Shoedazzle account. There are just so many cute choices for February!

That I have to make a “to do” list every day in order to get anything done. Sometimes I write down things I’ve ALREADY done just because I enjoy crossing them offJ

That Jersey shore has sort of lost its appeal this season. I don’t think it’s worth it to stay up late on Thursdays to watch it anymore!

That pretty much every morning when my alarm goes off I spend a good 3-4 minutes trying to count how many sick days I have and wonder if I could just stay in bed.

That I'm wearing open-toed shoes in February.

What's Ok with you today??


  1. That I completely resent Punxsutawney Phil and everything he stands for. ... hahahaha! Sadly, I didn't even know it was Groundhog's Day. I lay in bed every morning cursing my life tihnking how do I go about becoming a bitch of leisure so I don't have to work!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am totally a fan of putting things on my list that I've already done, for the sheer joy of crossing them off (you're not alone!)
    I've had several mornings when I've woken up with the SAME thoughts that you have. Sadly, I'm still at work, though haha

  3. Love your post! I too will wear my open toed shoes in winter. I love the open toed booties. I didnt buy them when they first came out because I thought, how impractical being from the land of snow. Now I just dont care.

    When my brother was about 30 he asked if groundhog day was a holiday. He thought he would have the day off. I can't make this stuff up.

    Have a good day!

  4. Haha I was laughing out loud that you count your sick days when your alarm goes off, thats funny and cool. :) When I got older I never understood the whole Groundhog Day thing. 6 more weeks of winter or 6 more weeks until spring. Isn't it the same thing? Its just confusing.

  5. Great list! I count out sick/vacation days every morning!

  6. i totally do the same things with to-do lists...i make a bunch and i always love crossing things off so I write things I already did! have a great thursday!

  7. I love all of your "it's ok's!" Today its OK for me to just want to read cute blogs and not do homework :-)

  8. I'm a list kind of gal myself too! There's just something about feeling acomplished and getting things done...okay so what if my lists have things like "make bed" or "take shower" on them ;) I think Groundhogs day is crap! Though the movie makes me laugh :)

  9. Okay, so... I live in Wisconsin and we have a very well-known groundhog named Jimmy who did NOT see his shadow this morning. I am sticking with him!!

    Stumbled upon your blog and thought i'd leave a comment and introduce myself! I'm your newest follower. )


  10. Haha I wore open toed shoes yesterday! :) We can be cold together!

    Come visit Marriage from Scratch!


  11. You are so hilarious! I didn't even realize it was today. People kept asking me about a groundhog and I kept saying I hadn't seen any, haha!

  12. i totally write things down on my to do list that ive already done, just so i can feel accomplished when i cross them off!! :)

    a juicy steak sounds like an amazing valentines day to me, too. haha!

  13. So I love writing completed tasks on my to-do list just so I can cross them off! Makes me feel more productive! Boo to Phil for seeing his shadow. I want summer also!

    Bennett Love

  14. haha I always think, am I feeling ok? i think im getting sick... then i start to believe im under the weather lol


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