A Fun Surprise and Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Good morning, friends and Happy Hump Day!

Did everyone have a great Valentine's Day?? I sure did! 

So M and I never give presents for Valentine's Day anymore. We decided about 4 years ago that cards were sufficient. So obviously I thought this year was no different. I even MADE my card this year since that would be the only gift I'd be giving to him. I cleverly cut out little pictures of our heads and pasted them on a picture of a train to make it look like we were riding a "love train." 

I know I know - I am SO funny and creative:)

Well anyway, we get to the steak house last night, order our wine and our entrees and I present M with his silly card. He laughs and I laugh...it was a great time. 
Next thing I know he hands me a card AND a little box wrapped up in sparkly red paper with a red bow. I immediately assume it is chocolates and tell him that he should know better since I'm trying to cut down my sugar intake! I rip open the box and this is what I find...

A gorgeous diamond "S" necklace from Barmakian Jewelers! Is he not the best?? Just when I think I know him so well...BAM!! He surprises me with diamonds! That's the kind of surprise I like!

We ended our night by crossing something off of our wedding "to do list"
We officially booked our flights and hotel for one half of our honeymoon! San Francisco, Napa and Hawaii...here we come!!!

Moving on to Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday with Michelle from The Vintage Apple



  1. This is super sweet!! I LOVE that necklace! Sounds like you found a keeper girl! And your honeymoon sounds amazeballs! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Sooooo sweet! Love when guys do surprises like that! :)
    I love your pins--I particularly relate to (and have pinned) the one about making it til lunch haha. I rarely can....or sometimes sit staring at the clock til it's close enough to noon to eat lol. So glad you had a great vday!

  3. Love your necklace! Aren't surprises like that the best? Love your blog! New follower!

  4. OH WOWY! What a lucky lucky lady, that necklace is gorgeous!

    Congrats on booking the flight, whoopdiddleoop!

    Love the lunch pin, I am the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaame way!


  5. Oh my gosh, what a great gift!! Especially when you didn't expect anything! I've been wanting an initial necklace, that is really pretty! Your honeymoon sounds like its going to be awesome!!! Have a great Wednesday!

    Oh, and I love the pin about eating your lunch before lunch. Haha.

  6. Haha love the lunch pin, isn't that the truth?! Your new necklace is gorgeous :)

  7. Aww I love your necklace, so pretty! I love that Rick Astley pin hahah. And those dresses are adorable!!

  8. awwww, what a gorgeous necklace! and so sweet of him to surprise you! those kinds of surprises are the best! especially when its diamonds! hahaha.

  9. The necklace is sooo pretty!! That was extremely sweet of your husband to surprise you with it. Love unexpected gifts especially diamonds!!!

  10. aww! Such a sweet husband! I'm sure your card was awesome though! Yay for honeymoon planning!

    Bennett Love

  11. Whoa! What a great evening and a nice surprise!

  12. Happy Hump day Shannon! Gorgeous necklace, I'm jealous! The eecard is hilarious! Love your blog as always!

  13. Congrats on the necklace so pretty!! And loving your pins :)

  14. So pretty.

    And LOVE that pink lace skirt!

  15. wow, what a sweet husband! i am so jealous of your honeymoon plans! sounds like it will be amazing!

  16. what a sweet hubby! gorgeous necklace. love the pins especially the pink lace skirt...so cute!

  17. How pretty is that!! So cute. Your blog is adorable!! Newest follower :)

  18. That necklace is so pretty. My hubby got my engagement ring & wedding ring at Barmakians. We're from the Boston area (also met in 2003), but now live in NH.


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