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Photos are memories for us to keep and share...so let's start sharing them!! Whether you are sitting in your cubicle until 5:00 today or dozing off in a boring class there is probably some other place you wish you could be right now, right?? So let's have at it.... if you could transport yourself back to a moment in one of your favorite photographs which one would you choose today?? Link up Below!!

Today I would jump back into this photo...

This is Mike and I at a hotel in Portland, ME back in 2008. 
This little Labor Day weekend trip we took started out as a nightmare and ended AMAZING!! 

First, we originally were going to stay in Old Orchard Beach in Maine. We got to our hotel (which was a glorified MOtel) and were disgusted. There were stains on the sheets, the TV was broken, the ceiling tiles were missing in the bathroom and the smoke detector was ripped out and dangling from the ceiling!

I cannot make this shit up. This is serious! By the time we realized ALL of these problems it was pretty late at night. We walked down to the office (in our pajamas) and demanded a refund. The girls who worked the front desk were underage and pretty tipsy! They were drinking (what I'm guessing was Captain Morgan from the smell) out of plastic Coke bottles. Sweet employees!
This worked to our favor cuz the tweens gave us a full refund...IN CASH (we paid by credit card).

So we jumped in the car, drove for an hour and after seeing about 15 "NO VACANCY" signs we found a BRAND NEW hotel in Portland, ME and set up camp there! It was amazing! We had never vacationed in Portland before. Over that weekend we found amazing restaurants and a swanky wine bar that we loved!! We enjoyed this trip so much that we now go back to the same spot every year and hit up the wine bar!

Looking at this picture takes me back.....
The warm sand, hot sun, drinking Mountain Dew out of an aluminum bottle and listening to Jane's Addiction on my ipod....Take me back there now!


  1. I loovvveee this link up! Definitely joining in next week! :]

  2. Love Janes Addiction! Love that shirt too!

  3. I've had a recent interest in Portland, ME and now after reading this I want to go even more! Motels gross me out lately. All I can think of are bedbugs. Cute picture :)

  4. It's so great to hear the quick turnaround your vacation made. It would be awesome to find a place that I would enjoy going back to year after year!

    Love this linkup. Can't wait to continue it in the weeks to come :)

  5. have a GREAT weekend shannon! :)

  6. I love your shirt! Glad that weekend turned around for you guys. Have a good weekend!! :)

  7. I love Portland Maine! we went there a few years ago and its such a wonderful town...we had good luck with our hotel right away though :) have a great weekend!

  8. I've only been to Maine once and it was gorgeous! When I was younger I always wanted to live there...hmm why didn't that happen? That shirt looks really pretty on you! Have a great weekend Shannon! <3 Ps) When are you coming to WI?! ;)

  9. Photo Fridays-- so creative1

    I awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award! Check out my blog for what to do next and a special President's Day Deal! :)

    Best Wishes from, Classic+Glam

  10. Ah so fun. That is a beautiful photo of you two. :)

  11. glad you ended up at a much better place!!


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