What Moments Make You Sweat??

This could possibly be the most random post you will ever read. Are you ready for it??? I don't know if you are..... Lately I've been coming up with  ideas for posts and I ask myself...is that too weird to post? will people think I'm strange? I've come to terms and decided I don't really care:) I'm sharing anyway!

So you know that weird feeling you get when something happens that makes you really nervous/anxious and your stomach sinks like its falling to the bottom of a pit? Your heart races a million miles a minute....your face gets flushed....your palms get really sweaty...everyone who is talking around you starts to sound like the adults in Charlie Brown, blah blah blah.....

What are these horrible moments that are making me feel like this you ask??

THESE MOMENTS....Based on actual events....

The moment when you finish an entire graphic design project and you click "no" instead of "yes" when your computer asks "would you like to save your changes?

The moment when you click "print" after you've so cleverly pasted your brother in law's head on Fabio's body in Photoshop only to realize it is headed to a printer other than yours...one that you don't even know the location of.

The moment when Chris Harrison walks out and announces that the Bachelor only has 1 rose left to give out. Who is he going to choose?? I can't handle this!

The moment when the last contestant on the Biggest Loser is about to lift the silver lid off their serving platter to reveal who they are sending home! The time it takes for them to reveal their choice seems like an eternity!

Let's be honest...the moment when ANYONE is about to get sent home from a reality show!

The moment after you send an e-mail to your man that says "hey hunnie, want to go out for mexican tonight?" and realize it was accidentally sent to the VP of your company....not to your man.

The moment when you see an e-mail in your inbox BACK from the VP.

The moment when your hairdresser makes the first snip when getting a drastic haircut.

The moment when you find the wedding dress of your dreams and the sales consultant is walking towards you ready to tell you the price.

The moment in the Notebook when Ryan Gosling says "It wasn't over...it STILL isn't over!"

The moment at the doctor's office when the nurse walks into the waiting room and announces your name (why does this make me nervous?? I don't know!)

The moment when you lean back just a little too far in your chair and it almost goes over.

The moment when you're 20 miles from home and can't remember if you unplugged your flat iron.

Alright, friends! Have at it...share with me those moments that make you sweat!


  1. Hahaha I love this. I can definitely relate to most of these - especially the biggest loser. Why must they explain every thought going through their head before they reveal what's on the platter!? AH!

    My moment is definitely at work after you hit 'send' on a super important email. I immediately open it back up and read it five more times to check for errors (not that I haven't already done that 10x before i sent it!!) Happy SUNDAY :)

  2. I have definitely done the last one a thousand times!! I always think I've left my flat iron on. A couple of times I did, and it was on for over 5 straight hours!
    I just found your blog a couple weeks ago, it's really cute and I look forward to reading it! Also added you to the Boston Bloggers list ;) Hope everything is going well!

  3. Oh my gosh! Some of these moments made me cringe... and others made me smile (the Ryan Gosling one!). I'm sorry all the bad ones happened to you! I've experienced similar situations. You live and you learn. :)

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  4. Loved reading this! I feel the same about many of these!

  5. Aww I can relate to almost all of these!! too funny!


  6. this post was great.... i did the whole "no" to saving a project the other day and was cursing for the next hour!


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