Its Okay Thursdays!

Happy Thursday, friends! How is everyone today?? We're almost at the end of the work week and its a beautiful day! Cold...but still beautiful:) Today I am linking up for one of my favs!

It's Ok Thursdays" with A Complete Waste of Makeup!

Its Ok Thursdays
So its okay....
That I snoozed my alarm TWICE this morning and didn't have time to wash my hair...the flannel sheets were just too comfortable!
That I replaced coffee with cappucino this morning because I KNEW it would taste better.
That I just had to spell check the word cappucino and I was WAY off.
That I keep stalking Groupon and Living Social for a deal on a facial because I'm too cheap to pay full price right now.
That in 24 hours I have recorded 6 Lifetime movies in preperation for a lazy, snowy weekend.
That I am obsessed with adding/removing things from my (I mean our) wedding registries online. Its a great way to get my "shopping fix" without spending any money!
That I have made it a personal goal every day since Jan 1 to drink 8 glasses of water a day and so far I haven't been able to get past 6 glasses. Maybe today will be the day!
That I have listened to "This Year's Love" by David Gray about 60 times since watching the Bachelor Monday night.
That my "I Do" Pinterest board is getting a little out of control. Lots and lots of pins!!
That I keep coconut hand lotion at my desk because the scent is helping me think of my upcoming Hawaiian honeymoon and forget about how cold it is outside.
That I keep going back and counting how many points I've made in this post already to see if I'm going overboard.
Whats OKAY with YOU today??


  1. I have issues with random spelling too. I'm actually writing a post about it today!

    I have been sniffing (non druggy) my sunscreen this week because I am getting excited for my Cancun vacation. Can't wait!

    Sigh, now I want a facial!


  2. I let my alarm go on for about a minute this morn thinking it was in a dream haha! And I love groopin and living social too! And OMG just read your "about us" and y'all are so freakin adorable!!!!

  3. Loved reading this! You need to fix your blogger so that people (me) can email you back after you leave comments. I promise you won't get spam or whatever by doing it :)
    Now I am going to try and find you on pinterest so I can stalk your wedding board :)

  4. Sometimes I don't want to get out of my comfy flannel sheets either! So soft!

  5. I press my snooze about 3 times everyday :/ ugh.
    and I agree, I love that song! :)
    Going to follow you on pinterest!

  6. It was a very cold 43 degrees here this morning... I couldn't get out of bed for fear of freezing to death (i eventually did and survived)...

  7. I am SOO excited about creating a registry! I've wanted to secretly make one for the last year now (befor eevn getting engaged!) and when I talk about my fi alwasy has to convince me to wait for him!! haha

    and I would also like to say...thank the Lord for spell check!

  8. Newest follower!! :) Love your blog, too! :)

  9. i love your oks!! seriously no reason not to plan for a wintery weekend spent indoors, made it a great weekend with your lifetime movies. and definitely coconut lotion is a must this time of year, not only because winters are very dry but we need to look forward to the summertime

  10. Love this post! Having a wedding registry sounds like a lot of fun, shopping without spending, i like it. xxx

  11. New follower! :) We have a lot in common! I hit the snooze button. I set my alarm earlier than I need to because I know that I'll hit snooze! I never drink enough water either....And I LOVE Lifetime movies!

  12. Your wedding boards are darling! How exciting.

  13. I can't get over my obsession with David Gray or the Bachelor either! So addicting :)

    xo Shane


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