Its Ok Thursdays!

Its snowing! Most winter mornings I wake up in a terrible mood if I look out my window and see the white stuff falling from the sky. All it usually means is I am going to be 10 minutes late to work due to shoveling out my car AND people driving 5 mph. Today I didn't feel that way. We haven't seen much snow this year in New England and it actually looked beautiful blanketing the lawn outside my front door! So I thought I'd share this photo I took from my front steps this morning....

Truckin along to today's post....."It's Ok Thursdays" with Brunch With Amber and A Complete Waste of Makeup!

Its Ok Thursdays
So its okay...

That I am going out to dinner with my girls tonight and I have already looked at the menu to decide what I'm going to order...and its not even 9 am yet.

That I felt guilty about not working out yesterday so after dinner (and 2 glasses of wine) I did my Butt Bible DVD....slightly buzzed.

That at 8:30pm last night Mike and I were still hungry (even after having a hearty meal) so we whipped up a batch of pancakes...and I finished his.

That I had a slight anxiety attack yesterday when the bridal shop called to tell me the bridesmaid dress color I chose no longer exists.

That I take my coffee at work based on convenience. If the half & half is the closest in reach in the fridge I use that...if the skim milk is closest the next day then that's what I use.

That I'm ready to switch my hair color from lowlights to highlights even though its only January.

That even though its extremely violent, I love the movie Goodfellas and have watched it twice in the last couple of weeks.

Whats ok with YOU today??


  1. I ALWAYS check out online menus and decide what I'm going to get before I go! haha Going to dinner Saturday night with my girls & I already know what I'm going to order lol

  2. I love this! I am also always checking menus online and know way in advance what I want to order. I felt like the only person who did this! The second one made me laugh :) I need to try that Butt Bible!


  3. that's great that you already checked the menu to see what you're ordering for tonight, totally something i would do!

  4. YUMM!!! PANCAKES!!!! I <3 them!

    I've worked out while buzzed before, and it's alil bit hilarious!

    Good for you for being prepared for dinner tonight!


  5. absolutely nothing wrong with looking at a menu. just means you need some girl time and you can't wait to be off the clock! breakfast for dinner is my favorite meal so pancakes all the way!

  6. Drinking while working out... I think your on to something big here.

  7. Found your blog today and have enjoyed reading! Love how you worked out! Hilarious!

    Bennett Love

  8. You have no idea how hard it is to be that person to call a bride & tell her bad news! Trust me it sucks! Hope you get it figured out where you love the new color just as much as the old one!


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