Its Just Another Manic Monday...

First things first...If you don't know the song in the title of this blog post I'm not sure we can be friends! Just sayin' :)

Anway, Happy Monday, blog friends! I had a wonderful weekend that seemed to go by SO quickly!

Friday night was a relaxing one (as usual). I can't seem to get myself together to go out on Friday nights after a long work week anymore. We stayed in and I whipped up a delicious zucchini/penne casserole accompanied by a bottle of Layer Cake Malbec ( YUM!)

The rest of my weekend had a common theme...BABIES! I went to a bridal shower for Mike's cousin on Saturday followed by a Christening for a family friend's little boy on Sunday! Great times with great people and GREAT food:)

On Saturday I also started a new workout DVD and let me tell you I can already feel that its working just 2 days in!! I had been on the hunt for a new workout DVD for a month or so and finally decided on this one!The Butt Bible is a 3-disc set that guarantees to tone your hamstrings and butt in 6 weeks. Normally I don't go around writing reviews for workout dvds or equipment but this one is worth your time!
I read that the instructor (Pauline Nordin) was annoying from other reviews so I was skeptical at first but to be honest with you I actually find her to be funny and highly entertaining...especially when she tells us to "crack a nut with our cheeks" several different times in the first disc!

I am only on disc one right now and I am loving it so far! I will continue to keep you posted and let you know how the other DVDs turn out. I'm curious to know what DVDs you guys have tried for Abs so if anyone has any suggestions...PLEASE LET ME KNOW:)

Let's hope I can keep up with my new schedule...Group Power lifting class at my gym tonight...wish me luck...I'm going to need it:)


  1. I know the song to your post title!!! See Giants and Patriots fans can be friends!!! :)

  2. How is the workout DVD going for you? I've been contemplating finding one but have no idea which to use!

    Happy Monday :)

  3. @ Courtney- You passed the test:) I'm so glad we can be friends now:)

    @ Holly - The DVD is AWESOME. If you are looking for a lower body workout that works quickly, this is the one!

  4. zucchini and wine!! yum!! thankfully Monday is almostttt over :)

  5. Hi, I am a new reader, your blog is awesome :-) I absolutely love the Insanity workouts for core work as well as total body toning. It is a 60 day program and you can look the DVDs up on YouTube to see if you like them...it's hard but gets amazing results!!

    1. My fiance is doing P90x now and he says he's doing Instanity next! I watched the DVDs with him last week....props to you girl if you are doing that!! WOW! thanks for following:)


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