Happy 2012!!! My Weekend Via Instagram...

The holiday season is officially over. We took the tree down yesterday along with all of the Christmas decorations and everything feels "back to normal." In a way it makes me sad. November through January 1st brings lots of family time, parties, time off of work, joy, fun, etc. Now it's back to the grind and time to start a brand new year! I'm okay with that though because 2012 is going to be fantastic...I can just feel it:)

Here is my weekend...

Friday - After work Mike and I took a little trip to the mall and hit Target pretty hard! Among many other things we bought the movie "Crazy Stupid Love" which is one of my favs! We relaxed by our little fireplace, had a glass of wine and enjoyed our Christmas tree for one of the last nights while we watched the movie!

Saturday (Day) - On Saturday I woke up with a mess. I attempted "sock bun curls" and ended up with "sock bun rat's nest" You can see for yourself in the pic above. Seriously...what is that??? After I fixed my mess I treated myself to a mani and a pedi with Mom, watched a Jersey Shore marathon (no I'm not ashamed...well I kind of am) and modeled my Nina Electra wedding shoes around the house:)

Saturday (Night) - I fixed my sock bun rat's nest and created loose waves instead (see improved pic above). Mike and I went to our friend's (Kate & Scott) house to ring in 2012! We ate at a delicious Mexican restaurant, played some good old fashioned board games and toasted with champagne!

Sunday - This day was pretty much a wash - i'm not gonna lie. Mike and I threw out the Christmas tree when we got home in the morning and did a load of laundry but after that we didn't move off the couch! We watched football, made a nice homemade dinner and watched "Bad Teacher" on demand. It was nice to relax again:)

Monday - We slept in and then we were determined to be productive on Monday! We went to the mall to buy/return some things then we went to pick out the suits for our wedding and we found a winner! I'm so glad we got this item crossed off our wedding to-do list! Afterwards we went to the gym (see us modeling our matching Nike Free Run sneaks above...Twinsies!) and then later met up with my sis and bro in law for dinner:)

How was YOUR long weekend/ NYE??

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  1. Sounds and looks like a fun weekend!

    Personally I think your hair looks great in the picture...I haven't tried the sock bun curls yet though.

    LOVE the shoe lace picture and your yellow shoes!

    Happy New Year! xoxo


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