A G-String Wedding Dress??

So my friend Steph gchatted me the other day. The convo went a little something like this...

 Stephanie:  according to huffington post the g-string wedding dress made its debut yesterday....are you sad you already picked a dress?

 me:  WHAT?? HAHAHAHA how is that even okay??

 Stephanie:  im not sureee but it is

 me:  hahaha oh man - the world we live in!

So of course I did a little research because I had to know what this was all about.

Did a dress like this really exist?
Was she pulling my chain?

Well ladies I am here to tell you that the myth is true. At Berlin Fashion Week, edgy German bridal house Kaviar Gauche showed what might be the most shocking wedding gown yet: a glorified g-string
 I don't think this would be the best choice for any bride trying to make a good impression on her new in laws....

Okay have at it, ladies! What do you think about this g-string Wedding dress?? I know I have been doing my Butt Bible for a full month now but come on!! Who could pull this off and what planet are they from??


  1. Too bad I'm already married! Kidding. That is crazy! I would be interested to see if they ever really sell one.

  2. Haha I saw this in the news this week - can you even imagine? EVEN if I had the figure to pull it off, it is not the time nor the place nor the ANYTHING!! NEVER!! :P xx

  3. Ugh. That's just gross!! But I appreciate you sharing it!! haha :)

  4. This is just ridiculous! Something like this should be for the wedding NIGHT, not the actual wedding!

  5. Omg haha I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be allowed in my catholic church!!

  6. Everyone, think positive! This g string wedding dress is perfect for a pool side/beach wedding where all the guests are asked to come in similar dress code too! :D

  7. the most shocking wedding gown yet: a glorified g-string.
    I don't think this would be modest bridesmaid dresses


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