What's On Your Mind Today??

I feel like my mind is running a million miles a minute these last couple of weeks! With the holidays getting closer and closer and my wedding getting closer and closer I need to find a place to air out everything that's in my head...enter....today's blog post!! Here's what is on my mind today....

1. Baby Madyson! - My niece is due any day (or any minute) now! I am patiently (and anxiously) waiting for the phone call that she is officially on her way. Nothing is better than being an auntie:) This will be my second time this year! What a great Christmas present she will be for all of us!!

2. Tan Suits! - This seems like a silly thing to be on my mind right now, but I can't help it...it is! Mike and I are narrowing down the choices for what the guys will be wearing in our wedding and we have decided on tan suits. Now we have to find the place that is going to offer the best deal! Mens Wearhouse? K&G? Joseph A Bank? There are too many choices!!

3. Christmas Presents! - I have about 10 things left to buy...I'm not sure if I am still ahead of the game or behind it now but luckily I have been wrapping all of my gifts as I buy them! I'm stumped though...what do I buy for my office's yankee swap this year? What do I get for my last minute stocking stuffers? Now I just realized I also haven't bought Christmas cards yet....that's another one for the list!

4. Honeymoon Excursions! - For those of you who don't know...I am going to Hawaii on my honeymoon! I am so excited I can't even stand it:) I got an email yesterday with all of the fun excursions offered while we are there. Now we have to decide if we want to go zip lining, parasailing, tubing, jet skiing or all of the above while we're there:)

5. The Celtics! - I am a HUGE Boston Celtics fan. Now that their season is officially back on it's time to find some games to go to! Mike used to be a season ticket holder, so we went to games almost every Friday night, but now that we are trying to save $$ (for the wedding/honeymoon/a house) we'll have to cut back and just pick the games that we REALLY want to go to. Can't wait to watch them play on Christmas Day!!!!

6. Wedding Cakes! - I have ALL of my vendors picked and booked for the wedding already EXCEPT for the wedding cake baker. I need to find a few in the area and start tasting! Here's the catch though...Mike doesn't eat chocolate. It's insane right? Why couldn't a woman have been born with his taste buds? Just unfair...so I am trying to think of a compromise...different flavored layers? half & half? all vanilla? This is going to be tough!

What's on YOUR mind today??


  1. how exciting about becoming an aunt for the second time!!! so true, being an aunt is the best :)

  2. Our minds are wrapped around basically the exact same things!! (except maybe those celtic...but take that out and add Texans football and you have my mind!)

    I am trying to convince my fiance to go with the tan suits...I LOVE them but he's pretty set on a classic tux. It's his wedding too I guess! :)

  3. @ Victoria- being an aunt is the best!! I am so anxious!!

    @ Mandell - sounds like we have a lot in common! lol i LOVE tan suits and luckily my fiance does too...the groom's father really wants to wear a tux though! Hope your wedding planning is going smoothly:)


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