My Weekend Via Instagram!

Happy Monday, Friends! Another jam-packed weekend...what else is new this time of year though, right?? My weekend went a little something like this...

Friday -  Mike and I decided to lay low. We went out to the European restaurant down the street, had some wine/martinis and delicious pasta. After that we cuddled up at home and had a movie night. We watched the Hangover for the 17340th time and fell asleep pretty early!

Saturday - I woke up real early Saturday morning so I could get my Christmas shopping finished!! I hit 5 stores in about an hour and 15 minutes! After that I visited my parents and my Nana then went home and whipped up a batch of Devil's Food cupcakes and grilled my dad's famous bean burgers on the indoor grill. Saturday night I went into the North End in Boston for my BFF's Christmas party. I brought her a 6 pack of "reinbeers" as a gift (see picture below...so cute!) We had great food, great company, lots of laughs and even some Christmas trivia (which I dominated!)

Sunday - Sunday morning Mike and I cleaned up the house and went to Chipotle for some lunch-time burritos...yum!! After that I went to my other BFF's house to watch the Pats/Broncos game (YAY PATS!!!) with a group of about 10 people. There we grilled up some burgers and hot dogs and enjoyed eachother's company in honor of my friend's mom's birthday.

Only 6 days til Christmas!! The season FLEW by this year! If you haven't entered my Shrewd & Crafty Giveaway yet you can do so here!!

What did YOU do this weekend??

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  1. great photos. it looks like you have an amazing life! enjoyed your blog... new follower and hoping to visit again. congrats on getting married! exciting... :) cheers!


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