My Weekend Via Instagram!

This weekend was jam-packed! So jam-packed that I didn't even get a chance to take Instagram photos of most of the things I did! Basically it went a little something like this...

Friday- Mike and I cooked steaks and asparagus, visited a local Eurpean restaurant for a glass of wine, and went Christmas shopping.

Saturday- I went to see a Christmas Carol with 13 family members up in Manchester, NH (my college stomping grounds) and then had a delicious dinner at Firefly Bistro. I had the black bean burger and sweet potato fries - yum! After that, I drove to my future-brother-in-law's Surprise 30th birthday party! There we had pizza, cocktails and even a pinata - great time!

Sunday - Mike cooked me a DELICIOUS breakfast when I woke up. After that we went to his company's holiday party, watched some football and went to my parents house for a family dinner! My dad cooked up some delicious pizzas on the grill....we had hamburger and onion, chicken and pineapple and red pepper and artichoke:)

Christmas is getting closer! Next weekend I have lots of other fun plans in the works...and most importantly, I am patiently waiting the arrival of my new niece, Madyson!!! Any day now:)

What did YOU do this past weekend??


  1. Having my husband cook breakfast on Sundays have become a tradition in my house! Add football, yummy family dinner... sounds like a perfect weekend to me! :)

    xo, Ana
    Found thru Ashley's blog ;)

  2. your weekend sounds awesome. and how addictive is instagram. i love it!
    just found your blog. im following :) x

  3. @ Ana - Having the men cook breakfast on Sundays only seems fair right? Thanks for checking out the blog!

    @ Sophie - LOVE your blog - new follower! Instagram is amazing...It's my favorite app.


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