My Christmas List!

Tis the season! This is the first year I haven't officially written out a Christmas list. There aren't too many things I need but if I were to create a list for Santa...here is what I'd ask him for this year....

1. Black knee-high boots! I have been wearing the same ones for the last 2 years and the nail has officially come through the heel:( I think it is time for a new pair!

2.) Nike Free Run 2 Sneakers! I love how light weight these are and they come in lots of cute colors:)

3.) Britney Spears Perfume! There are 3 she has that smell delicious:)

4.) Ray Ban Aviators! I am obsessed with aviators and have gone through 3 pair in the last 5 years. I need some new ones this year!

5.) Crazy Stupid Love! I saw this movie over the summer and it is in my top 5 all time favorites! I NEED to own this one:)

6.) A North Face jacket with a hood. I love this one because its lightweight and would be perfect for running/walking!

7.) It's that time of year! Mike always buys me Victoria's Secret Pink underwear for Christmas. It just wouldn't feel like the holidays without a few new pairs:)

What are YOU asking for this year??


  1. i just bought a new pair of black boots from nine west on black friday online, i love them :) crazy stupid love is a great movie!

  2. Black knee-high boots are absolutely essential in the winter:) I will have to check out what Nine West has this season!

  3. Great list!!!!
    I'm a new follower but am loving your blog :)

  4. Thanks, Britney!! I LOVE your blog too - so cute..one of my new favs!:)

  5. I've gone through at least 4 pairs of those aviators...I decided to give up the name (because I manage to break every single pair I'e owned) and now am loving the aviators from Vera Wangs line at Kohls of all places!

  6. You just reminded me, Mandell! I saw those Vera Wang aviators at Kohls and LOVED them! I agree:)


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