Catching Up!

Hi Blog friends!! It has been a VERY busy last couple of days!! First things first I have to mention that I am officially an auntie again!!! My beautiful baby niece, Madyson was born yesterday morning! How fitting...as I mentioned before my family's lucky number is 22 and this little babe was born on December 22nd!! She's a smart cookie:) Here she is....

Now onto the next point of discussion...My Shrewd & Crafty Giveaway!! The winner of 1 5x7 Inspirational sign from my Etsy store is Victoria from Mine to Live with Faith, Hope, Love & Coffee! Congratulations!!! You can send me an email at shannflann@gmail.com with your info and your choice of sign and I will make sure to mail it out to you next week!! You can view your choices here!

Next point of business...there are 2 days until Christmas!!! I will be too busy drinking eggnog, opening presents and hanging out with family, friends and my man to blog this weekend so I am taking the time now to wish all of you a very Merry and safe Christmas!!


  1. Any snow yet up in Boston!?! :)

  2. Snowing right now as I am typing this! This is the first snow we've seen since Halloween - it's been a crazy winter! I'd love to see snow on Christmas too - hope you have a fantastic Christmas!!

  3. awww, congrats on your new niece!!

    (i have a niece named madyson (madison) too!)

    i can't believe i won your giveaway-how exciting!!thanks so much!

  4. @Victoria - Madyson (or Madison) is a popular name these days! You are so welcome and congrats on winning the giveaway! Whenever you have a chance to look through the choices (you can change colors too if you'd like!) send me an email with the info and I will print it up for you! shannflann@gmail.com


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