Another Auld Lang Syne...

Happy Friday!!! For those of you who are stuck at work til 5:00 today...welcome to the club, for those of you that have the day off...I don't want to hear about it!! :(

Tomorrow is New Years Eve and that has me thinking....what are my resolutions this year? What am I going to wear? How will I ring in 2012? I always used to say that "however you spend your New Years Eve sets the tone for the entire new year!" This simple little saying always caused me a lot of stress and A LOT of pressure. Now that I'm older (insert sad face) I realize that NYE is just a great time to close out one fantastic year, celebrate with friends and ring in the next one. 2012 is a clean slate, people!!!...How are you going to decorate it?? :-)

These resolutions are SO cliche...I know:( But apparently I need the calendar to say "January 1st" to make me start practicing them. I have about 80 days until my first dress fitting, I need to save for our honeymoon, I HAVE to clean my entire house and I NEED to stop eating Lindt Truffles and red/green M&Ms. If it takes a date on the calendar to make me do these things...then so be it!!!!!!!

Now what to wear?? I wish I had all of these items neatly hanging in my closet right now so I could just open the doors and choose one of these fantastic outfits, but.... this is reality people.... and these are just Polyvores I created to show you what I WOULD wear if I COULD on NYE...

Black & Tan Two
Black & Tan Two by shannflann featuring scoop neck tops

Black & Tan

Black & Tan by shannflann featuring short skirts

Auld Lang Syne

How are YOU spending your NYE??


  1. Nothing wrong with eating clean and getting in shape! I'm always glad when people decide to whip their rear in gear! :)

  2. I have the same resolutions, don't worry about them being cliche! It makes me feel better that other ladies are trying to work on themselves like I am. I am cheering you on girlie!!!

    Love the last out fit girlie!!!!


  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Ladies!! :) Happy 2012! xoxo


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