2011 Wrap Up!

We are down to the wire here...2011 is almost over! Only 3 days left! I think it's time to do a little 2011 "Wrap Up" and see what wonderful things happened this past year. I can honestly say that 2011 was probably one of my most memorable years yet. SO much has happened! I'm excited to see what 2012 has to offer....one thing for sure it will be offering is OUR WEDDING!!! 176 days to go:) Without further adieu...2011 in a nutshell....

1.) We got engaged!! (April 6,2011) What a day that was...Wednesday night/Dinner at the BVI/bottle of wine...I didn't see it coming! April 6th probably takes the cake for the best day of 2011:)

2.) My nephew Caleb was born! My poor sister Brittney was in labor for what seemed like an eternity but this little guy made his debut on April 25, 2011.

3.) I became obsessed with ALL...THINGS...WEDDING! I always loved wedding magazines and wedding websites, but 2011 brought my obsession to a whole new level.

4.) I went on my first cruise! Mike had cruised before but in May we embarked on our first cruise together. We left from Miami visited Grand Bahama, Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay. I am now officially obsessed with cruises! Hence the reason we are cruising for our honeymoon:)

5.) Our {surprise} engagement party! This picture is of me with my 2 matrons of honor and my 6 bridesmaids! Hmmm 8 girls... too much? If it is too much I don't care! I love these girls:) They threw an awesome engagement party for Mike and I in July of 2011.

6.) Engagement photos! Mike and I went to the waterfront in Boston to take these fabulous pics! What do you think of those sexy bride and groom Celtics jerseys?? Those were a nice little engagement gift from my sister Brittney and brother in law Scott! Thanks guys:)

7.) Vermont Trip! My family used to go to VT for a weekend trip every single year in September. Once I left for college the trips sort of died off...we brought the crew back together in 2011 and we rekindled the family VT trip! What a great weekend it was.

8.) The Halloween Blizzard! Halloween 2011 was insane....snow falling like you wouldn't believe and power outages EVERYWHERE! We lost our power for 4 days and our condo was 48 degrees....FORTY EIGHT DEGREES! NO JOKE! The toothpaste literally froze when we tried to brush our teeth! This pic is me and my BFFS headed out for a Halloween party...can you recognize me? I know it doesn't even look like me right?? :) There I am...Maverick from Top Gun...man I love the 80's:)

9.) My niece Madyson was born! Michele's labor seemed much quicker than Brittneys (probably not for her and probably because I was asleep through most of it!) This adorable little babe made her debut on December 22nd - being an auntie is the best!!

There it is! 2011 in a nutshell....What were your favorite moments of 2011??


  1. What an exciting year! I can not wait for the next one though! So much love and happiness! YAY for weddings and starting new lives!

    Hope 2012 brings you TONS of love and luck!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous 2011! xo


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