Top 5 Tuesday....Thanksgiving!

Just Peachy

Today I am linking up with Rachel from Just Peachy to discuss my top 5 favorite things/traditions on Thanksgiving!! Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday (after Christmas) so needless to say I am REALLY looking forward to Thursday:) Here goes...

1. Stuffing!!! - It's no secret in my family...I am a stuffing FANATIC!!! This year my sister Michele is in charge of making the stuffing for our Thanksgiving feast....I hope she is up to the challenge...there is a lot of pressure on making the perfect stuffing!!!
2. Family!!! - This picture was taken on Thanksgiving last year. My Nana, my mom, my sisters and myself. This was right after we found out that Brittney was pregnant...this year we have 1 more addition to the family and can celebrate my nephew Caleb's first Thanksgiving!!!
3. Football!!! - I LOVE football! There is nothing better than getting together with the fam and watching a great, competitive game of football! This year I have money on the Thursday games...Cross your fingers for me!!!!!
4. Home Alone!!! - It is tradition in my house to watch Home Alone on Thanksgiving night. This gets us in the spirit for the next holiday...Christmas! I will be continuing this tradition with my own family someday. Last year Mike bought me Home Alone 1 on DVD for Christmas....so this year we don't have to wait and cross our fingers and hope that they are airing it on TV! "Buzz, your girlfriend.....Woof!!"

5. Pie!!! - I only eat pie on Thanksgiving so this is something I really look forward to! I am not partial to any specific kind - i will try any kind of pie...sometimes I will try several different kinds on Thanksgiving! I better make my plans to hit the gym on Friday morning now!!

What are YOUR favorite things about Thanksgiving??


  1. have a great day with your family!


    and home alone is the best christmas movie :)

  2. I watched Home Alone 2 this weekend. It really is the perfect festive film!

    And I hear you on the stuffing. I am like the stuffing police - it has to be really good to pass my test!!


  3. Oh my goodness! I had forgotten about Home Alone until I saw your post! I use to love that movie growing up and watched it all through the holiday season! I think I will watch it over the Thanksgiving holiday! What a great tradition!

    P.S. I am glad I found your blog! So cute!



  4. @ Danielle - glad i'm not the only pie lover out there!! :) Thanks for following the blog!

    @ Ashley - isn't Home Alone great?? I could never get tired of watching it! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Thanks for following the blog!


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