Top 5 Tuesday: November Favorites!

Just Peachy

Hi Friends! Today I am linking up with Rachel from Just Peachy to declare my Top 5 Favorites from November. November was an eventful month and I'm looking forward to seeing what December has to offer!

1.) Celebrating 8 Years!!! November 10th marked 8 years for Mike and I. I know I've already mentioned this on the blog, but I can't leave it out of my top 5 favorite things from the last month!

2.) Starbuck's Skinny Peppermint Mocha!!! I had my first one of the season this past Saturday. The Skinny Peppermint Mocha is the perfect way to indulge and not feel seriously guilty:)

3.) Giving Back!!! It always feels great to give back during the holidays. In November I was able to do so by hosting a very successful charity event for the Salvation Army. Now lots of needy children in the community can have a very merry Christmas:)

4.) Pumpkin Muffins!!! My favorite kind:) I have been baking them all month long and to be perfectly honest....I am eating one right now as I am blogging about them! Yum! Here is a great recipe!

5.) Christmas Lights!!! I love driving around this time of year and seeing all of the brightly-colored lights people have set up on their houses and in their yards. Growing up there was an unwritten rule in my neighborhood...you had to use white lights on the outside of your house! If you didn't...you didn't fit in:)

What are YOUR favorite things about November??


  1. great list! i love the skinny peppermint mochas too and i like to get the "short" size so it is even less sugar and calories :)

    christmas lights are the best!

  2. I agree with you, Victoria! When you get the smallest size you can feel even less guilty:) They are delicious!


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