I Can't Live Without....

When it comes to health and beauty products there are quite a few items I couldn't live without! I have quite a routine in place using all of these products on a daily basis and if just one of these went missing...my whole day would be out of whack!! Do you use any of these products too??

{It's no secret...i have big hair...this stuff keeps it in line!! Moroccan Oil helps make my hair sleek & shiny! I put a little bit into my hands after I'm done styling my hair then I rub it through!}

{The first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I put on before I go to sleep...Blistex Chapstick!}

{I started using Cover Girl Naturluxe silk foundation this past summer after seeing the Taylor Swift ads...now I use it every day! It is so soft and moisturizing!}

{Having big, thick hair forces me to go through A LOT of shampoo and conditioner each month. I mix things up and rotate these Herbal Essence shampoos & conditioners each time I shop! They are affordable and smell DELICIOUS! My favorite right now is the blue bottle...hello hydration!}

{I never thought I'd be someone to buy something from an infomercial...ever! Until this bad boy hit the market. I recorded the InStyler infomercial on my DVR one morning back in 2009 and watched it over and over again thinking how amazing this product was! My mom and I finally pulled the trigger and we called the hotline.  I LOVE styling tools and this is one hair tool I couldn't live without! I can curl the ends of straight hair, make loose waves and make frizzy hair sleek all with one tool!....amazing:)}

{My Uncle Chris gave me an amazing set of Stila lip glosses for Christmas last year. Now I am obsessed with them! They are glossy and come in amazing colors! I have these laying around the house EVERYWHERE... in the kitchen, the bathroom, my bedroom...just ask my fiance:) }

What health & beauty products do you LOVE right now??

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