Halloween or Christmas??

This year Halloween was different on the east coast! Instead of trick or treating, the kids were building snowmen as we got hit with a fluke snowstorm. The leaves on the trees mixed with the heavy, wet snow was the perfect recipe for disaster in our area! Power outages in almost every home in the Merrimack Valley caused trick or treating to be rescheduled in nearly every surrounding town. I guess live wires, falling trees and black ice are not ideal conditions for wearing costumes and collecting candy:-) It felt odd to look out the window Saturday night as I was putting on my "Top Gun" Halloween costume and aviator shades to see snowflakes blanketing my mums and my scarecrow. I thought I had seen it all when it came to New England weather, but this was a first! Oh well, at least I can cross "doing snow angels in my Halloween costume at 2:00 am" off of my bucket list:) Having no heat or electricity for 60 + hours made me realize how reliant on technology we really are! Without electricity how could I charge my iPad or my iPhone? How could I see who got kicked off Dancing with the Stars? Having no electricity turned out to be a great excuse to hang out and spend some quality time with Mike and my family. All in all, Halloween 2011 may be my most memorable Halloween yet:)

{amazing friends}

{Cowboy, take me away!}

{Slash & Axl Rose...fantastic!}

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