Fun Photo Fridays!

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Photos are memories for us to keep and share...so let's start sharing them!! Whether you are sitting in your cubicle until 5:00 today or dozing off in a boring class there is probably some other place you wish you could be right now, right?? So let's have at it.... if you could transport yourself back to a moment in one of your favorite photographs which one would you choose today??

Right now I wish I was here....
{Cable Beach in Nassau, Bahamas...napping in a hammock with my love.}

Where would you like to go today? Link up with me below!!


  1. hi just found your blog via a blonde's logic. oh man that photo has me wishing and a hoping to be in a hammock somewhere in the tropics. oh well i will keep on dreaming. new follower :-)

  2. Thanks for following the blog, Meg! Don't you wish you could just jump right into that picture? Haha it sure would beat reality which is a 40 degree day in Massachusetts - Happy Monday:)


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